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PHILIPPINES: The Sea Gipsy- BANGKOK:The Royal boat parade- SCOTLAND: Golf  -The Wyskey Factories -MONT S.MICHEL- HAWAII: The Volcanos -TAHITI Pareos CUBA: The museum of cars in the street etc-CHINA: Windows of the world. MIAMI: The Deco Disrict -N.YORK: The  art Deco-Ellis Island -INDIA: Katjurao -Fatepursikri- KENYA:Masai Mara Park-NORMANDY: The beaches of the D-DAY- BERLIN: During and after the wall -Postdamer Platz  -JAPAN:Temples-Young Japanes - PARIS: the undergrounds -SWISS- stork places-ITALY:The Palio-The Regatta -FLORIDA:Barnum Circus Museum-Beautiful Cina-Tresaures of gallions-Crocodile farm -COLORADO: gold  rush today -OSKOSH: 5000 planes replicas-ISRAEL:coral world-Masada-ARIZONA: various  CALIFORNIA:muir woods-Universal studios- stars of Hollywood  -pet park-cemetery of the stars-Madonna inn-VARIOUS USA:$mint-FBI headquarter-London bridge-Gran Canyon-Reinessance faire-ONU-Rodeos  -cats and dogs hotels Sites of the western movies- Salem- The Amish people- Mr&Miss American nude-  HEMINGWAY: Houses, Gregorio Fuentes -ELVIS:House etc,BUFFALO BILL: grave etc-PINOCCHIO: museum and sites -ANNA FRANK house-THE LAST 4 of the original W.DISNEY team "The Legends"-ANIMATIONS  creators-  STRADIVARI- GABLE birthhouse "Gableland"- S.HOLMES  house in London- PINS -CHAGALL-BERROCAL-WARHOL - MIRO'S studio -COLUMBUS land of discovery - BARBIE  The Mattel Factory- FACES - STONE ANIMALS- SENIOR PEOPLES - POVERTY - ANGELS- MUSEUM: magic, rock. movie, scultures in the parks etc. -RED CROSS -CHILDREN'S ZOO- ZOO SAFARI -MADONNAS painted in the streets- WIND MILLS ENERGY- PLASTICS-motoBIKERS (big meetings in the Black Hills) -  CRAZY HORSE: big  sculture  - ARMOUR - PUMPING IRONS- SWIMMING POOLS - PARKS: Disneyworld-Disneyland-Asterix-Universal-MGM etc -PHOTOS: peoples making pictures -  COOKING: best cooking in Paris, Tuscany, Polynesia, Caribbeans etc. - PEOPLES lying down  - MUSICIANS in the street - HAND: curious on the subject - KNOKDOORS thousands in the world - RESTAURANTS  signals - CARPLATE strange plates in USA=YELLOW -BLUE -GREEN-RED colors in many ways  MURALES and NEONS SIGNES( more than 10000!!)  TELEPHONES- DOORS- WINDOWS - LETTER & LITTER BOX - COCA COLA: the museum - CNN headquarter - FAST FOOD-WOODDEN HORSES-SLOT  MACHINES -CHAIRS- SUNSETS -CHURCHES & RELIGIONS - THE TRUCKS World - FOUNTAINS -RAINBOWS - FILM FESTIVALS -THE EMIRATES-DUBAI the Palm project -AIRSHOWS - 7 LITTLE STATE OF EUROPE - FOUNTAINS OF ROME -  ZOO SAFARIS - VACATION IN IGLOO - EUROPAPARK - MIAMI DECO -ACTORS SMILING - ACTORS W.HAT -GREEK ISLANDS - LEMURES IN MADAGASCAR - ROUTE 66 - CARTHAGE MOSAICS - GOTHARD TUNNEL -  SIGARS IN HABANA - LEONE'S WESTERN MOVIE PLACES - VOLCANOS IN HAVAII -THERMAL PLACES - LOCHNESS MONSTER - KISS AND LOVE -XMAS STORIE AND PLACES - TATTOO FESTIVAL - ULTRALIGHT PLANES - THE ORIENT EXPRESS - GRAFFITI - D.E.A.  HERMAN HESSE, MACHADO, LORCA, MIRO' houses -  GLOBE THEATRE IN LONDON - PIGS RACES - FARINET STORY - ZURICH STREET PARADE etc etc.

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